Marulu Strategy - Making FASD History!

Healing Informed - Trauma Aware

Artist at Marnin Studio

The people of the Fitzroy Valley have experienced intergenerational and early life trauma and grief for generations. This is despite the strengths, resilience, creativity and continuous lived connection to culture of Aboriginal peoples across the Fitzroy Valley.

Breaking the cycle of intergenerational and early life trauma will require access to tailored, culturally embedded healing and therapeutic responses which enable people to tackle deeply embedded underlying issues.

At Marninwarntikura where the Marulu Unit is based, we approach our work from a healing informed and trauma aware position. We embed healing informed and trauma aware practice into all of our programs and services, to provide holistic and therapeutic support to women and families in the Fitzroy Valley.

Equal to this trauma is an immense capacity for collective community reconciliation and resilience. For healing to occur it is important that we reconcile our long Indigenous history with the foundation stories of the Australian nation and our nation’s ongoing historical narrative. Reconciliation is achievable when we all take the time to learn about one another’s ancestral heritages, contemporary histories and lived experiences. These new learnings help us to overcome sorrow and grief and transform challenges into opportunities.