Marulu Strategy - Making FASD History!

Marulu Team

Meet our team at the Marulu Unit in Fitzroy Valley, Western Australia and the key organisations we work with. The Marulu team is here to support children, families and service providers in the Fitzroy Valley.

Our team based at Marninwarntikura Women's Resource Centre supports families in connecting with key health professionals and receiving ongoing support and also provides training to community members and service providers across the Fitzroy Valley.


Emily Carter

Chief Executive Officer


Team portrait 1

Jadnah Davies

Marulu Manager



Sue Thomas photo

Sue Thomas

Strategic Priority Lead


Eric Bedford

Bigiswun Kid Project

Marulu Family Support


Nikkita Rice 

Bigiswun Kid Project

Marulu Projects


Cheyenne Carter

Marurra U Support


Emma Bear 

Bigiswun Kid Project

Community Navigator 

Jandu Yani U coaches

Jandu Yani U Parent Coaches Team

The Jandu Yani U (Triple P Project) team trains local families in the Positive Parenting Program.

View information about the Jandu Yani U program.


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