Marulu Strategy - Making FASD History!

Professional Support Agencies

Occupational therapist working with a child

The diagnosis and support of those with FASD involves the participation of a range of support agencies including Paediatricians, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Teachers and other support services.

Pregnant mothers usually rely on the advice from health professionals in the early stages in their pregnancy. This provides health professionals with a key opportunity to prevent FASD by providing the message that not drinking alcohol is the safest option for pregnant women and women planning a pregnancy. It is vital that health professionals are trained in recognising the impacts of alcohol consumption during pregnancy as well understanding the importance of discussing alcohol consumption during patient consultations. You can find more information and support resources in our Resources for Professional Services Section of this website.

We are in the process of developing a range of resources that you can provide to families to get them started on the FASD diagnosis process and additional support information.

But support isn't only required at the diagnosis and early intervention stages - it is required for life and therefore impacts on other services such as Police and Criminal Justice Services. The effects of FASD and early life trauma can effect people in different ways including difficulty understanding action and consequence, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. These people are often undiagnosed and considered defiant, rebellious or lazy. Building our understandings of the behavioural characteristics of those suffering from a range of traumas will enable us to reframe our thinking, reduce judgement and make sense of complex scenarios. We must work together to support those with FASD and early life trauma as they interact with various services within our community. 

If you are concerned about your patient, client or a family you are working with and require additional information, please contact us at the Marulu Unit at Marninwarntikura on (08) 9191 5284 or email us at