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Jandu Yani U Program

Jandu Yani U

Jandu Yani U meaning For all families

Working together to strengthen families’ skills to grow up happy, healthy, respectful kids and to build stronger family relationships. 

What is Triple P?

Triple P doesn’t tell families how to grow-up kids, it gives families support and ideas that they can make work for their own families. It helps us understand why children behave the way they do.
PPP team

The Jandu Yani U project will make the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program available to all families of children living in Fitzroy Crossing. Being a parent or carer is not easy and many people need some help or support. The program helps parents and carers to build strong family relationships, promote children’s social, emotional and learning skills, and manage children’s difficult behaviour.


To learn more about Triple P in Fitzroy, contact Jadnah Davies or Cari McIlduff at Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre, (08) 9191 5284 or 0424 449 119.

View the 2019 JANDU YANI U Final Report 

Findings from the community led implementation of the
Indigenous Triple P – Positive Parenting Program in the Fitzroy Valley

View the 2019 JANDU YANI U Executive Summary of the Final Report

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While you're here, take a look at our beautiful Jandu Yani U logo at the top of the page designed by one of our Marnin Studio artists, April Jones.
View April's story here (PDF 192kb).


Interactive booklet

We have developed an interactive Positive Parenting for all families Booklet below. Flip through the pages to learn more.
Select the 'Click to read' button then use the top zoom tools to view.