Marulu Strategy - Making FASD History!

Where to from here?


As a parent or carer, you can use a checklist to identify behaviours and characteristics that may be linked to FASD.

This checklist developed by No FASD provides an easy Yes or No checklist to record your observations.

No FASD checklist

The next step is to be referred by a school, GP or other support agency to PATCHES Paediatrics who will evaluate the need to conduct a diagnosis assessment.

PATCHES run clinics in Fitzroy around 6 times a year. These are often held at schools and referrals are taken from schools and allied health services. A referral must also be provided by a GP to be assessed in a PATCHES clinic.

Contact the Administration Officer in Broome to enquire about availability at

PATCHES Paediatrics Referrals

PATCHES are passionate about delivering the best possible clinical diagnostic assessment and therapy services to children and young people and have developed a range of resources to support GPs and schools. View their online forms at and additional forms: