Marulu Strategy - Making FASD History!

Programs and Events

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The Marulu Unit and Marninwarntikura offer a range of programs and events to support families and the local community within the Fitzroy Valley as well as educators, health care professionals and support services. These programs range from small group Mums and Bubs sessions to larger training events.

A number of initiatives are currently being scaled up across the Fitzroy Valley to respond to the increased understandings and knowledge derived from the Lililwan prevalence study. Nindilingarri Cultural Health Service is implementing a range of prevention strategies. Marninwantikura Women’s Resource Centre is coordinating prevention, education and diagnostic services from the Marulu Unit and providing support services for families and communities living with FASD. The Marulu Unit is designing responses that support families of children and young people living with FASD throughout their lives. Schools are looking at ways to support the education of children and young people living with FASD and enhancing the prevention programs that educate adolescents about the impact of alcohol on the unborn child.

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