Marulu Strategy - Making FASD History!

Nindilingarri Cultural Health Service

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Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services  is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, which began in 1995, following a wide reaching community consultation. The clear message from this consultation was that the community wanted a holistic, culturally appropriate service that recognises the impact of Aboriginal Law, Culture, Spirit and Land issues on the health of the Community.

Today, Nindilingarri provides comprehensive health promotion programs and prevention services that address the need for supportive environments and building community capacity, as well as providing education and skills development for local people. The different health promotion programs including maternal health, child health, and an alcohol and other drugs team, which actively work to promote to mothers, fathers and families, the benefits of an alcohol-free pregnancy. A range of measures are implemented across the individual, family and community level by providing education and support to prevent FASD in our Fitzroy Valley Community.  

The Marulu team and Marninwarntikura works with Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services to deliver health education to our Fitzroy Valley Community.

Nindilingarri Team


Maureen Carter

Maureen is a Kija and Gooniyandi woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. She has played an instrumental role in the development and continuation of the Marulu Strategy, from its inception until now. Maureen led the Lilliwan Project as the Chief Investigator. Maureen is a founding member of the Marulu Strategy leadership team of the Fitzroy Valley, and remains passionate about addressing the needs for diagnosis and prevention of FASD, as well as providing support to the parents and carers of effected children.

At Nindilingarri, Maureen has established a model of health care that is the first of its kind in Australia, with emphasis on community empowerment and a holistic approach to health and well-being. Through its relationship with government health services and the Kimberley Population Health Unit (KPHU), Nindilingarri aims to give the community a real voice in directing how government health services are delivered in Fitzroy Crossing.

She leads a team of health professionals responsible for delivering health promotion and education throughout remote communities of the Fitzroy Valley. Prior to working in health, Maureen worked for 23 years in welfare. This gives her a real understanding of the issues that Aboriginal families experience on a daily basis.

Harriet McBride
Programs and Services Manager

After over two years coordinating the Nindilingarri Alcohol and Drug program, Harriet is now the Programs and Services Manager at NCHS, and the newest member in the Marulu Strategy Leadership Group. Harriet works to ensure that all of Nindilingarri’s health programs and services are sensitive to the needs of the community in relation to FASD prevention and support.  


Laima Ziedars
Maternal Health Promotion program Coordinator

Laima has been coordinating the Maternal Health Promotion program at Nindilingarri for over two years, providing education and support to expecting and existing mothers and their families as they navigate their pregnancy journey. A close working relationship with the KPHU Midwife allows Laima to support women through their pregnancy to identify and work through their health needs.


Jessica Csillag

Jess is the Child Health Promotion Officer at Nindilingarri. The Child Health program works to improve early childhood development, through increased access to and use of maternal and child health services by Aboriginal families. Jess works with families and communities to educate and inform individuals and groups on child and maternal health issues and parenting information.

Deborah (Lee) Carter

Alcohol and Drug Health Promotion Coordinator 

Lee supports individuals, families and communities to reduce alcohol and drug related harm using a range of measures, including school and community education, and providing support for resident and community resctrictions. Each year, the Nindilingarri AOD team lead the celebrations for FASD awareness day, which is an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate their strength and courage in identifying and working to reduce FASD.